Mothers know… Sweaters are very important for kids and babies to avoid catching a winter cold. Not to disturb the kid, we must choose a patttern that can be put on and taken off easily. At the same time the wearing must not be taken off by the kid easily. Therefore collar buttoned models are quiet practical and easy to knit.

How to knit:

We start with 50 loops using knitting needles size 4,5. We knit 4 rows garter stitch. Continue with the patterned knitting for 37 rows. We knit 10 loops at both sides with garter stitch as under arm. We knit 30 loops in the middle as patterned knitting. When 10 loops garter stitch become 4 rows, we cast off 5 loops. The residual 5 loops will be arm band. When total 8 rows become under arm and arm hem, we knit 40 loops garter stitch 4 rows. We make buttonholes. We knit the back side the same way. The only difference is we knit 20 cm. shoulder straps. We stitch the buttons on the straps.

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