For most people learning knitting, garter stitch is generally the first experience. It is because the garter stitch technique is the easiest way to knit. It is a technique of knitting all the stitches all plain or all purl. In some cultures each stitch is called a tooth. Garter stitch can be used in every kind of knitting project. You can knit anything like a blanket, hat, jacket, scarf etc.

Garter stitch doesn’t look thin but it gets into various shapes when you change your wool number or knitting needle size.

Materials I used:

I designed a tall jacket and using garter stitch I made diamond shapes and put together. I used middle thick mohair yarn and size 5 knitting needles.


The whole jacket was knitted with garter stitch technique. For the diamond shape at the bottom edge, I made 31+1+31=63 stitches. Every ten rows the middle 3 stitches are knitted together and decrease. When all stitches are done, you pull off the yarn and again you knit 63 stitches knit like before. Totally you make 5 diamond shaped motifs. For the upper row motifs, you decrease 29+1+29 stitches from the lower ones. And garter stitch continues decreasing 3 stitches every 10 rows.

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