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By all means it is a jacket for spring. And it is crocheted. And more… it is a very easy to crochet. The pattern I have used for this jacket is sooo easy. The ones who can do only chain and single crocheting can make it easily. The structure and nature of this pattern looks and feels like tweed fabric.

Before beginning to crochet, as we always have done, let’s determine the size. For this step, you can use our page Stitch Number Calculation Method.

The pattern I tell below is for 38 size. For each size you must increas 2 cm. or decrease. That’s it. You don’t have to care about collar, arms or any other increasing or decreasing We will crochet for the size we calculate and put together. So easy.

Back Part

Width: 50 cm, Length: 61 cm

Front Parts

Width: 18 cm, Length: 61 cm

Arm Parts

Width: 23 cm, Length: 34 cm

Front Collar Band: 7 cm

Hemline Band: 4 cm


150gr baby blue, 100gr orange, 100gr stone color, 100gr dark blue cotton yarn, 5/0 (3.00mm) crocheting needle, 2 wooden buttons.

How to:

From beginning to the end, I used Fabric looking crocheting technique.To help understand better I prepared a video of how to do it. You can find the video below this page.

Fabric Crocheting Pattern:

Crochet chains for all width of your piece you will make.
1. row:: over 3rd chain “1 single crochet, skip 1 chain, 1 single crochet” continue to the end of the row like this.
2. row:: Inside the chain made at the lower row “1 single crochet, skip the single crochet at the lower row, single crochet in the chain next to it”
The whole pattern is the repetition of these rows.

You can learn how to put the pieces you crocheted together and make the loops of the cuffs and finally how to finish the pattern at my other article TWEED CARDIGAN JACKET PART2.

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