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    Two-Color Hat

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    This is a very interesting pattern for Crochet Accessories. Pattern For Crocheting easy Pattern For hats for children of 15 years ,For Adults And Old too .This is an easy and fast growing pattern. Good for Christmas Gift,Very Easy Pattern For Beginners. It is really fun to make this pattern and I am sure you […] More

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    TWEED CARDIGAN JACKET (Details and Finishing)

    As if it has been sewed on fabric… So chic, stylish and proper. I told about the materials you would need, how to crochet in general and pattern before at my article TWEED CARDIGAN PART 1. Now I will tell how to put the parts together, how to make the loops at the arm cuffs […] More

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    By all means it is a jacket for spring. And it is crocheted. And more… it is a very easy to crochet. The pattern I have used for this jacket is sooo easy. The ones who can do only chain and single crocheting can make it easily. The structure and nature of this pattern looks […] More

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    Pyramid Purse

    This is an easy and very interesting pattern to crochet a coin purse . It’s interesting shape and a lace on the top is eye catching. For this purse you just have to master sc and dc to complete the project. This is a very good gifting option too. More

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    Floral Block Pattern

    This is a classic pattern which was used for pot holders but I turned into a block to make it easier for crocheting Blankets, bed cover, table runner, pot Holder and more. This is an easy pattern and is based on basic stitches. Here is the video: More

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    Cross Body Hand Bag

    This pattern looks beautiful and grows fast. This pattern is very easy and I have applied simple stitches for this project. This can be a very good gifting option too. The colours used in this pattern are eye catching and bright. Here is the video I described and showed the pattern: More

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    For most people learning knitting, garter stitch is generally the first experience. It is because the garter stitch technique is the easiest way to knit. It is a technique of knitting all the stitches all plain or all purl. In some cultures each stitch is called a tooth. Garter stitch can be used in every […] More

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