TWEED CARDIGAN JACKET (Details and Finishing)

Part 2

As if it has been sewed on fabric… So chic, stylish and proper. I told about the materials you would need, how to crochet in general and pattern before at my article TWEED CARDIGAN PART 1.

Now I will tell how to put the parts together, how to make the loops at the arm cuffs and finishing process.

For the BACK PART:

Start from the hemline as much as your size. (I started 50cm for the size 38. For each bigger or smaller size increase or decrease 2cm.)

Over it apply 61cm fabric like crocheting. Finish with no increase or decreasing.


Over 18cm chain, crochet fabric like pattern for 61cm and finish with no increase or decreasing.

Crochet the back and front parts of the jacket seperately. Then with a needle, (like putting motifs together) make blindstitch put the under arms and sides together. While making side stitches, keep 22cm arm holes.

Crochet all hemline with stone color yarn with width 4 cm. Take a stitch from arm hole and continue fabric like crocheting to the side.With no increase or decrease, crochet 34cm and finish.

Do the same for the other arm. For the collar, use the blue yarn, take a stitch from the front sides and back neck, crochet fabric like pattern 7cm and finish.

Crochet drawcord and so, make loops for arm cuffs and stitch. (Video below) Button up your wooden buttons. After learning how to crochet cords, you can use it for many of your works.

So, enjoy. I hope you will love this pattern…

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