One of the best things to knit for your boyfriend or your husband is a wonderful scarf. Not only a scarf but you knit your love in every stitch. It starts with choosing a color that will fit best to your beloved one, then you knit the best pattern with your warm feelings.

There are a few questions to answer before knitting a scarf;

What width a knitted scarf should be? In fact, it differs with respect to your wish, but we can say the average size should be 23 cm. Let’s give a simple example; If you will knit with Nr. 4 knitting needles and an average size yarn, you can start with 45 stitches. If your yarn is a thin one, the scarf can be used by folding in two. In this situation, the measurements must be calculated by multiplying by two.

How to calculate the right number of stitches for the width of a scarf? The best way to calculate the number of stitches is the technique to do it. You can calculate easily at our page STITCH NUMBER CALCULATION METHOD. What knitting techniques should be used? You can use cable knitting technique, or make diamond pattern for scarves. The most preferred patterns are the ones which have the same view on both sides of the scarf. For instance, you may prefer garter stitch, rib stitch, moss stitch, brioche stich and so on. What shoud the size / length of the scarf be? Of course it depends. If you wish you can add fringe to the edges. The length of fringe may change your decision. Besides, the height of the person to use the scarf is very important. If the person is 170 – 180 cm. tall, the scarf must be at least 160 cm. For taller people, it might be 170 to 190 cm.

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