Throw Pillows

One of the most apparent characteristic for a house to be a home is to mirror the ones who live there. A person should behave freely as oneself likes to. While decorating our home, one of the most used, and mostly essential, things are throw pillows..

I would like to show you the pillows I made freely. Motifs, sewing, crocheting… I used any technique I liked to. It was a extemporary work and it felt me so good.

I chose yarn with colors appropriate for my home. I made motifs with different sizes. I made pillowcases. I applied the motifs on the pillowcases. I crocheted the other size of the pillow using simple rows.

I combined two pieces from three sides. I added buttons and loops on one side. I put the pillow in the case I prepared.

You can find below some of the motif schemes I used. Of course, you can make different and more beautiful ones. You can choose the colors you like considering the colors of your home. You can feel free and enjoy making such toss pillows.

Source: Pinterest
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Source: Pinterest

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