Shabby Chic clothes have become very popular. And how couldn’t they have been? With their asymmetrical style, it grants a modern and elegant aura to the person wearing them. Moreover, they make you look thinner.

When crocheting this vest no arm has been crocheted and its height has been incremented. You can use the front part by either covering it with a  rooch, or just leave it open.

The Shabby Chic vest model for women in the pictures have been prepared for size 42-44, but you can crochet it for your own size and preferred height. For this purpose, the Stitch Calculation Method will be useful.

Now let’s see the Shabby Chic Vest Model Guide:

We’ll need 700 grams of cotton yarn and crochet hook size 6.

One square piece is 22 cm² big. The pieces consist of a treble crochet and three chain stitches each. There are 18 square pieces in a vest. We need six of them for the front right, six for the back and the remaining six for the front left.
First row: We crochet 18 treble crochets inside the magic ring.

Second row: Over every crochet we make two crochets and the second row gets finished with 36 of them in total.

Third row: We make one crochet on the first one at the bottom row, two on the second and one on the third before clustering. That means we crochet a clustered double treble on three crochets. Then we do five chain stitches and a clustered double treble. At the end of the row there need to be 12 treble crochet groups.

Fourth row: Inside the chain we make one crochet over the four groups. At the end of the row we will have sixty crochets.

Fifth row: This one gets done like the third row. At the end of the row we will have 20 groups.

Sixth row: It’s now time to make our round piece into a square. For the corners, we make three crochets, five chains and three crochets respectively on top of the quadruple group below. Do three chain stitches and make three crochets inside the three chains on the bottom row. After filling five spaces with treble crochets, we do a corner. After completing all four corners, we continue with the row above. Following rows are to be crocheted as the repetition of this one. In our square piece, the square row has been repeated three times. You can do it any size you wish to.

For the arm, we leave 26 cm. of space. While connecting the square pieces below the arm, we crochet one extra row. The shoulder parts get connected by sewing for 10 centimeters. After all pieces have been connected, we make single crochets on all sides.

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