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    Beautiful Crochet Broach

    This is a unique and interesting pattern. The beautiful flower attached to the pin is indeed eye catching. The techniques are easy and even a beginner can do this. This flower broach is a good gifting option. Start by watching the video 🙂 More

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    For most people learning knitting, garter stitch is generally the first experience. It is because the garter stitch technique is the easiest way to knit. It is a technique of knitting all the stitches all plain or all purl. In some cultures each stitch is called a tooth. Garter stitch can be used in every […] More

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    Colors have enormous effects on your mood. Not only mood but also colors have effects even on your health and energy. Blue is the color of sky and sea. Like sea and sky, which make us feel spaiousness, serenity and comfort, the blue color feels the same with its every shade. At the same time, […] More

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    Shabby Chic clothes have become very popular. And how couldn’t they have been? With their asymmetrical style, it grants a modern and elegant aura to the person wearing them. Moreover, they make you look thinner. When crocheting this vest no arm has been crocheted and its height has been incremented. You can use the front […] More

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    I have crocheted these scarves with mohair yarn. First, I imagined, then I chose the needle of size I liked. I produced many kinds of flowers, leaves, buds shapes. As I crocheted, the image in my mind appeared much better. Next was the part I like best. I got them together the way I had […] More

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    How I made it : I started from collar. I knit 10 cm. rib stitch, from both sides of 6 stitches right in the middle I increased with eyelet stitch knitting. (I knit cable these 6 stitches. If you wish, you can make it wider and make something else then cable knitting) Every 12 rows […] More

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    I used 250 gr. satin yarn. I made emroideries with etamine yarn. How I did it is as follows…. 1- I started with 94 loops. 2- I knit 1 row garter stitch. 3- I went on with plain knitting. 4- When I have 30 cm. of knitting I did decrease 1 stitch from both sides […] More

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    This pattern has been crocheted often for the last 4-5 years. I think only a few of us do not know how to make it. What I really want to lay emphasis on is the shape of the shawl. We can apply this shape to some other patterns. We are crocheting a normal triangle shawl. […] More

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    I started knitting 25 stitches to a knitting needle of size 7. I knit garter stitch for 3 rows and knit plain for 10 rows. Then I continued knitting garter stitch for 3 rows and plain for 5 rows until I got the length I wanted to get. I added fringes to the edges. I […] More

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    I started knitting from collar. I divided collar stitches just from the middle into two parts, got a piece of yarn through one half and kept aside for a while. At every front side row, at the sides of cable-knittings I increased one stitch, and at every fourth row I increased from sides by reshuffling. […] More

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    With asymmetrical, partite hemline and multifunctional neck, this cardigan will make you look thinner, taller and of course cool.     We start the front parts with 3 loops and every round we increase one loop. We continue to knit till we have the width we would like. Then, we increase on one side and […] More

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