Back side
Begin with 80 stitches. From the first row on, apply the herringbone pattern. When the height of the project reaches 40 cm., cut three stitches on the first row, two on the second and one on the first before knitting a 16 centimeter armhole. For the back side of the collar, cut the 12 stitches in the middle of the piece. Leave the right shoulder part the way it is. Cut three stitches on the first row of the collar, two and one respectively on the second and third row; also for the shoulders 8-8 and finish by cutting all stitches. Apply the same process on the other shoulder that we left the way it is.

Front side
Begin with 45 stitches and apply the pattern. Do the armhole the same way as the back piece. After the armhole, do a 5-3-2-1-1-1 cut at the twelfth centimeter for the front side of the collar. Also knit the other piece of the front.

Take a stitch on your knitting needle from the collar area. Do 1×1 rib stitch for 12 centimeters. Increment one stitch at a time from the sides.

We stretch out the pieces and leave it a couple hours between moist towels. Then we do single crochets for a row on the sides, before connecting the pieces with a hook.

The video for knitting herringbone pattern is below;

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