1- For the back part you start with 84 stitches. After knitting two rows of garter stitches, you continue with plain knitting.

2- When we have 24 cm. of knitting, for low sleeve arm, every for rows, you increase 1 stitch.

3- When you have 18 cm. of armhole diameter, you complete the shoulders by cutting once 10 stitches and twice 12 stitches.

4- You start the front part like the back part. When you have 20 cm. of knitting piece, on the left side, you cast off 6 stitches for 3 times, 4 stitches for 3 times and 3 stitches for 3 times.

5- You work on arms and shoulders symmetrical to the back side.

6- You start with 6 stitches for smaller front part. When making the other front part, you continue knitting with increases to complete the stitches you had cast off.

7- For arm and collar bands, you take stitches from knitting, and 3 stitches of plain knitting, 1 stitch purl, 4 stitches plain knitting and then you cast off and fold the bands inside and stitch.

8- For the collar, taking 17 stitches from sides, 30 stitches from back, you knit 2 plain and 2 purl rib for 10 rows.

9- You cast off stitches. To make the sides of upper collar look round, you take 5 stitches from each side of perpendicular piece of the part you had knitted rib stitch, and you have totally 74 stitches. 3 rows plain, 1 row purl, 3 rows plain and cast off. Fold to inner side and stitch.

10- For decoration, crochet rings and connect by getting one through another.

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