This vest and booties suit looks so good especially with white bodysuits. When I crocheted these pieces, I preferred the salmon color. You can, of course, choose some other beatiful colors. If you like you can add arms and make a jacket. Or if you wish you can continue from collar and make a hoody.


How I made:

As usual, I started with a premium quality baby yarn and hook of 3,5 size.


1. row: Make 81 chains. Wind over the hook 2 times and get in the 4th chain. cast in 3 times and finish. Make 1 treble crochet in every chain. Make 3 chains. Make 15 half double crochets. Make 3 chains, 20 half double crochet, 3 chains, 15 half double crochet. Make 3 chains 14 half double crochets.

2. row: Make crochets over the crochets at lower rows. In 3 chains, make 3 chains 1 half double crochet. The points we have 3 chains are the points to increase. Along the yoke part we make increasements at these points.

When the yoke gets totally 12 rows from the beginning, before crocheting the parts for arms, we crochet the body part as a whole. The body length will be 19 rows.

Pattern explanation: Make 4 half double crochets side by side. Get the hook in the first one. Take the loop stretched and wait. Get in the same loop again and close together with the waiting loop. Make 1 chain and repeat the same process.

Booties: Make 22 chains with orange color. In every chain, make 1 half double crochet and repeat 22 times. Turn the side making 6 half double crochets in the same chain. 22 half double crochet, 6 half double crochets to the same chain and finish the first row. At the 2nd row, 22 half double crochets 2 half double crochets to 1 chain, meaning; getting 6 half double crochets double in make them 12. 22 half double crochets and double getting in make 12 half double crochets and finish the row.

For the back of ankle part; Make 17 single crochets. Do not break off the yarn and make 30 chains. Get in the 7th chain and make a buttonhole. Finish the band with single crochets.

Skipping 4 half double crochets, over 5th one make 24 chains at the other side of the sole unite with single crochets over the 5th half double crochet. Over it make 24 single crochets. Make buttonholes to both sides of 5 single crochets in the middle. Finish with single crochets.

By the side of second band, leave 4 half double crochets empty and make 6 rows single crochets. At every row decrease 1 from both sides and make 7 rows of single crochets. Get the first band connected to the back side through the buttonholes of the second band. Make 2 flowes motifs. Stitch on the booties.

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