Hat (beret) knitting is easy even for the ones who are new at knitting. Our ears fee the cold first on cold days. You feel warm when you can keep them warm.

We must not stay at home all the day just because it is cold outside. Especially for our babies and kids, fresh air outside is very important.

You can buy hats at many shops. But as ladies who create our own style using our imagination, we do not use the hats everybody has, right?

Like most of our wearings, of course our hats must be different and show our line…

First of all, you visit your yarn shop and choose the colors considering your other wearings. But you must choose a high quality yarn that shouldn’t hurt your skin. You should think twice when you make this choice for kids and babies. Because their skin is much more sensitive. Besides, the yarn must not be hairy. You can prefer organic baby yarns.

To have more ideas about the colors and shapes you can see Knit Hat Models for Kids & Babies.

You can find below all hat measurements for all ages. To predict the number of loops you can use STITCH CALCULATOR.

Hat Measurements:


Newborn——–33-36 cm——-13-15 cm

03-06 mo——–36-43 cm——15-18 cm

06-12 mo———41-48 cm——-18 cm

1-3 yo————46-48 cm——-20 cm

3-10 yo———-48-51 cm———22 cm

10-16 yo ——–53-56 cm——–25 cm

Adult Woman—54-57 cm——28 cm

Adult Man——-58-61 cm—–28-29 cm

Below is the video to knit a hat with a very easy way. You can. Video shows with plain knitting. You can use other techniques and use more colors…

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