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    For most people learning knitting, garter stitch is generally the first experience. It is because the garter stitch technique is the easiest way to knit. It is a technique of knitting all the stitches all plain or all purl. In some cultures each stitch is called a tooth. Garter stitch can be used in every […] More

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    Crochet Colourful Clutch

    This is a very interesting pattern for Clutches, Pencil Pouch, Mobile Cover And More . It is really fun to make this pattern and I am sure you are going to enjoy making this project. Here is the video of this beautiful pattern: More

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    Northern Diamond Square Pattern


    This is a very interesting pattern and you will enjoy making this for sure. The  pattern if joined together can be used for blankets, bed covers, tables, covers, table mats,  cushion covers. You will like the look of the pattern for sure 🙂 Here is the video you can follow the pattern: More

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    Mothers know… Sweaters are very important for kids and babies to avoid catching a winter cold. Not to disturb the kid, we must choose a patttern that can be put on and taken off easily. At the same time the wearing must not be taken off by the kid easily. Therefore collar buttoned models are […] More

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    During winter days, we dream about coming back to our warm homes and after a tiring day. Taking off our clothings we wear at work or at school, wearing comfortable clothings, having a cup of tea or coffee and relaxing in our soft armchair… When we rest at our homes, our knitted or crocheted wearings […] More

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    There is almost nothing you cannot make if you have colorful yarns, inspiration and talent. Knitting and crocheting are not only for making clothings. You can make many things you are using in your daily life. You can create things to meet your needs, and at the same time you can have a good time […] More

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    I knitted this baby vest with only baby yarn. Even the buttons are made of baby yarn. How I made : With knitting needle (size 3) take 76 loops and knit garter stitch for 4 rows. After 4 rows of garter stitch make bottonholes to pass the cord through. For front band 5 loops, all […] More

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    You can make ponchos in different shapes. I started knitting the poncho above from collar. With increasings, it has become a triangle shaped one. How I made: I started with 100 loops. I have knitted 2 plain, 2 purl rib. When rib knitting become 5 cm. I knitted 1 row of garter stitch. (To turn […] More

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    This pattern is quite easy to knit. It is soft but it doesn’t deform. Materials: The yarn has 10% linen. I used exactly 200 gr. yarn. I used nr. 5 knitting needles. How I knitted; I started with 47 loops. 3 loops of plain knitting, then took the yarn to front and took one loop […] More

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    You must knit the hemline in one piece. Sides are seamless. You knit 140 full cardigan stitch for 20 cm. When you come to under-arm; You must mark 35 loops for the right front, for the back part 70 loops and again, for the left front 35 loops. You cast off 10 stitches for each […] More

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    You cast on to the end of body width. You will make no increasing or decreasing, you will knit as long as you wish. You will knit 3X3 (3 plain and 3 purl) and make a rectangular piece and cast off/finish. For the arm part, beginning and finishing edges must have holes as big as […] More

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