We begin knitting the beret from the top, with ten stitches. With plain knitting, the number of stitches on the knitting needle doubles for every row. On the fourth row, we will have 80 stitches. We knit plain for 16 centimeters without incrementing. We mark the stitches for their parts. 10 stitches are for the back of the neck, 13 for one ear, 34 for the front, 13 for the other ear and another 10 for the back of the neck.

We knit the ten stitches we marked for the back of the neck for two rows before finishing. For ear, we decrease one stitch from both sides until we have 4 stitches from 13 stitches. We cast off 4 stitches. We cast off 34 stitches we marked for front in one round. We knit the other side the same way we started and we finish. We take one stitch from each stitch and we pick up 102 stitches.

After knitting garter stitch for 3 rows, we cast off at one time. After picking up 4 stitches from ears, we knit the cords and needle pom-poms to the edges. From the starting point of knitting (top point), we get a yarn through each stitches, so we pucker. We make the needling of the back side. We make a bigger pom pom for the top and needle.

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