I’m a big fan of the harmony between saxe blue and black. One day, as I was wandering around a wool shop I came across this color of the cotton yarn series. Soon enough I could picture what I could make of it. I really enjoyed knitting it. When I was done, I combined it with tight black pants, black boots and a black turtleneck. I’m sure it would also fit perfectly with a mini dress. I worked a lot on it, but the result was pretty.

On the front pieces and arms of the cardigan, I used simple braiding techniques. I knit a wide side border (three rows knit and three rows purl ribbing). I continued with the side along the collar.

I knit the back side of the cardigan with a moss stitch (Knit one and purl one for the first two rows. For the third and fourth, purl one and knit one).


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