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    Crochet Baby Sandals

    This is easy and fun project. You need to know basic stitches for this project. A baby shower is never complete without baby booties. This is a very good gifting option. You cant start these beautiful baby sandals after watching the video: More

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    You can make ponchos in different shapes. I started knitting the poncho above from collar. With increasings, it has become a triangle shaped one. How I made: I started with 100 loops. I have knitted 2 plain, 2 purl rib. When rib knitting become 5 cm. I knitted 1 row of garter stitch. (To turn […] More

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    This beautiful piece was knit with white sateen yarn. You start knitting from arms. You start knitting 15 stitches, then every 6 rows, at a point on down side of the arm, you increase. When you come to the body part, you knit 35 stitches on the knitting needle. When you complete the body width, […] More

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    At school graduating nights, weddings, or on special days our kids can wear dresses we knit. So they can wear a special dress nobody else has.

    With a small budget you can make your daughter happy by knitting a very special, unique and a wonderful dress. More